Adelvaiss Edit

Upon the rocky outback of a moon near Ursa Minor, a primitive people reside in peace away from the wars that ravage the galaxy. They worship the elemental forces of electricity. Discovered recently by the Federation as a race with immense psionic potential, Adelvaiss was brought back to the core planets along with her kin for "cultural exchange" Next-in-line as oracle, Adelvaiss now serves as a fleet captain.


Skill: Particle Nimbus Edit

Increases the Shield and Structure values of friendly fleets within 4 spaces by 8% after each Round and has a chance to reduce the maximum Structure and Shield values of enemy fleets within 2 spaces by 5% after every Round. Affected by the Initiative attribute.(Affected by the Initiative stat.)

Preferences Edit

Ballistic= B Directional= B Missile= A Carrier= B Defend= B Frigate= A Cruiser= A BattleShip= A

Base stats Edit

Accuracy = 12

Evasion = 15

Initiative = 21

focus = 3