Welcome to the Galaxy Online 3 Wiki

IGG (the company behind Galaxy Online 3) has abandoned the game. This means no more updates, patches, bug fixes and/or new content will be releashed. I feel it's my moral obligation to --not-- support people to keep playing a dead game. Hosting the wiki and custom ship designer means I would be supporting people to keep playing (and paying).

Don't shoot the messenger - if you want to complain about the lack of game development, go to the official IGG GO3 forum - Beware tho - no IGG representative has been active there for the last 3 months. Even the forum moderators are ignored by IGG.

This is official IGG policy. If a game is not succesful enough then IGG abandons it and tries to squeeze it for a last quick dime.

It's been fun everyone, thanks for visiting the wiki and ship designer. Hope to see you again in another game. I won't be playing any IGG games for obvious reasons.